Circuits - City Of Lights

City Of Lights


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Circuits - City Of Lights

A crashing cut of politico-pop and a driving slab of dancefloor rock make up the new Circuits double a-sided single City Of Lights / Before Its Over, released on Try Science on November 26th.

Painting social alienation - and in particular the Paris riots – in spiky angst pop on City Of Lights, and producing rhythmically adept mosh inducing rock on Before It’s Over; Circuits deliver compelling, crowd pleasing pop music complete with a knowingly compromised 21st Century conscience.

Circuits land their punchy and infectious indie pop on the helipad of an avid fan base. With irresistibly energetic live shows, online blog banter and a bottomless bag of floor filling tunes, Circuits have produced a succession of now sold out singles on their own label Try Science.

The last single Young Enough Not To Care was propelled onto the XFM playlist and up to number 14 in the Indie singles chart. The forthcoming album Bright As Midnight was recorded in an intense 9-day session at Rak studios in September, and will be released next year.


What the press said of the single Young Enough Not To Care:
"Larynx tickling shoulder-pad indie-pop. Memorable enough to find yourself regurgitating them in the shower and dance-able enough to be requested down the local indie disco” ARTROCKER
"Circuits could be huge. Conquer stadiums and save rainforests" - GUARDIAN
"An impressive single. Boasting scratchy, angular riffs and punchy call and response vocals." THE FLY
"An eardrum-throttling reminder of why The Police didn't need to reform. Three perfectly formed minutes...Young Enough Not to Care, but smart enough to knock out dance floor destroying pop" - MUSIC WEEK


7" Vinyl Single (TRYS 006)
  1. Circuits - City Of Lights
  2. Circuits - Before It's Over
Download Single (TRYS 006)
  1. Circuits - City Of Lights
  2. Circuits - Before It's Over